A Construction Equipment Shipping Roadblock

urlThe building of the Ganta-Yekepa Highway is soon to begin this sprig in Liberia. The building includes $40 million in pavement improvements, which is badly needed for Liberia. The nation’s leaders are aiming to build a high-quality road that would make Liberia an economic super power in their region. The road will improve their domestic and international trade. Many businesses are depending on the successful completion of the Ganta-Yekepa Highway.

To ensure that the Ganta-Yekepa Highway is successfully completed on time and on budget, they sought help from the Senegalese Construction Company (CSE). It seems this company has an outstanding resume of completing projects successfully in other West African nations like Mali, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The Senegalese Construction Company faced a major issue before starting the project. The company needed to transport their construction machines to Liberia, but they encountered major maritime shipping problems. As a solution, this company rented a war vessel, with a price tag of half of a million dollars, to move their machines to Liberia. The construction equipment included Caterpillars and other earth moving machines. But this is not the end of their heavy machinery shipping adventure. The company needs to import four times their equipment that is already in Nigeria to complete the Ganta-Yekepa Highway.

It is great that Nigeria is going to build new roads to improve their economy. The company involved, who had problems with shipping, should have consulted a trusted freight forwarder who is knowledgeable and experienced with shipping heavy machinery equipment to Africa.

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