Accurate Weight of Heavy Machinery

urlMoving construction equipment begins with seeking a heavy machinery shipping quote. The price that a shipper pays for the transportation of construction equipment depends on numerous factors about their machine. One of the most important pricing factor is with the weight. The weight of a machine is a factor used to determine the price – whether it is shipped as RO-RO (Roll On, Roll Off). This protocol goes for all machines, including wheel loaders, motor graders and dozers. If the actual weight of heavy machinery is different than what you state, then you might have to pay more for the cost of ocean freight shipping. In addition to receiving the right price, getting an accurate weight is also important so that the shipping company can prepare the correct trailer and so the shipper can have accurate freight insurance.

To avoid paying for higher shipping rates, it is important to find out the most accurate weight for your construction equipment. One tool to help determine the weight is a synchronous lifting hydraulic system. This machine can safely determine the accurate weight of your heavy machinery. It can also determine the correct tonnage for port requirements, which will help you avoid special vessel requirements and payments. That is why freight forwarders support the usage of a synchronous lifting hydraulic system. A company called Enerpac has developed a 12-point version of it that has PLC controls to lift the machine. It is easy to use, requires just one person to operate and records data. Companies that use a synchronous lifting hydraulic system can save time and money.

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