Air Shipping of Heavy Machinery

aerocraft-001For shipping heavy machinery, there could be numerous obstacles. And if you lack expertise in this field, it could cost time and money. Typically, these machines are transported via ocean freight shipping as a container or RO-RO (Roll-On, Roll-Off). However, in the future, new innovation might suggest that the best way to transport these vehicles is by looking up in the sky. Yes, the answer might be in airfreight shipping.

The Aerospace Corporation was formed in the Soviet Russia, and now their headquarters is located in the United States. The New York Times reports that they are building a new aircraft for shipping that is called the Aerocraft. It is 770 feet long and it flown by massive helium-filled tanks. It goes up and down similar to a helicopter. The Aerocraft travels at a speed of 120 knots, which is four times faster than an ocean vessel. It also a capacity of 250 tons, which is more than current air cargo planes. The purpose of Aerocraft is to ship heavy cargo, like construction equipment, in a way that is faster than normal transportation. Military purposes also exist as well.

Before you call your freight forwarder to book a shipment on the Aerocraft, know that it is at least four years away, although tests are currently being conducting. There concerns about the Aerocraft. Some believe that it is simply a bunch of hype, and it could end up like similar experiments, such as the Hindenburg. Still, if it works, it could change the entire shipping industry.

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