Beware of Heavy Machinery Scams

scamsAs a consignee who orders construction equipment and receives a heavy machinery shipping quote for receiving that equipment, you need to be very careful. There are some sellers who may be deceitful about the type of construction equipment that they are transporting, and they might be deceitful about shipping anything to you at all.

It was recently reported that a Massachusetts man has been indicted on charges related to his business of buying and selling heavy machinery. It turns out that this man took $634,000 worth of payments for heavy machinery that was never delivered to the clients. This man now faces up to 20 years for fraud related charges.

According to the report, there was a minimum of 10 buyers who were duped by this man. The buyers are both US-based and International. These 10 buyers say that this man never sent them their equipment nor were any refunds issued. There were a few examples from this crime that were highlighted. A company in Nigeria paid $78,000 for an excavator and $80,000 for a wheel loader to be sent through maritime shipping. They never received the machines. In addition, a shipping company paid over $100,000 for equipment and never received it.

For those people who buy equipment, this news can be a bit disturbing. Working with a trusted freight forwarder can really help. In addition to the sound logistics advice and rates, freight forwarders always protect your best interests. They, just like you, don’t want to see these types of scams, and will work to protect you from these scams.

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