Blanket Wrap Service

blanket wrapIt is always important to ensure the safety of your cargo from damage when you are shipping freight by truck. But what if traditional freight packaging is not sufficient for your shipment? Some shipments are both bulky and fragile, thus special care is needed. That is why many companies enlist in a blanket wrap service from a trucking company. Also known as blanket wrapping, this service is intended for shipments that need special, gentle handling and specific packaging needs. You can speak to your trusted freight forwarder for more information and if you need to add this service for your domestic shipping needs.

When using a blank wrap service, special labor is needed with the truck to move your cargo. Examples of shipments that require a blanket wrap service are equipment for an office, a medical facility or a restaurant. This also includes furniture. It can be used for a business or a personal move. Since some people hire companies for blanket wrap service when they are moving, it is important to determine the loading and unloading procedure, especially if stairs are involved.

With a blanket wrap service, no pallets, shrink wrap or cartons are used. Instead, the items are wrapped in a plastic bag and then a blanket. And it is usually moved by as a full truckload. The issues with blanket wrap service include higher prices and the speed of the service, which can really add up. Therefore, a company should examine the pros and cons of blanket wrap service before signing on.

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