China Interested in Africa’s Growing Transportation Industry

file1131258242182As the economy throughout Africa continues to grow, then the logistics industry is also growing as well. China has noticed this growth and they are implementing a strategy to increase their presence in Africa.

Several nations in Africa are making revenue from newly found natural gas and oil. In turn, these African nations are now investing in China for the purpose of improving the transportation industry. Voice of the Independent reports on two specific examples. The first example involves Uganda taking an $8 billion loan from China to build a new railroad. The reason for this is to improve intermodal delivery.

The other big example involves Tanzania and their new port of Bagamoyo. China Merchants Holdings International has been hired for the purpose of building and developing this port to grow ocean freight shipping in the East African region. The port is expected to be complete by 2017 and will feature amenities like container yards, offices and terminals. There will also be sufficient dredging to handle the new post-Panamax ships.

Tanzania and Uganda are just two examples of how countries in Africa are realizing the economic need for improving their transportation options. And with this news, it is clear that China is going to reap the benefits through new investments.

The international shipping industry is growing leaps and bounds. China’s interest in Africa is surely a sign of this. For any business that would like to get involved with trade to Africa, it would be wise to speak to a trusted freight forwarder.

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