Congestion at the Port of Virginia

urlWith all of the attention at the congestion at the West Coast ports, it seems that now that this situation gets back to normal and there is another port facing unbelievable congestion. The Port of Virginia, operated by the Virginia Port Authority, is seeing record congestion at three of their terminals.

The congestion was not caused by a labor disagreement or the lack of chassis, like at other ports. The congestion is the result of record volume at the Port of Virginia and a pair of winter weather storms in February that forced the ports to close for a few days. In response to the congestion of containers stacked at the terminals, the Port of Virginia tried numerous remedies to fix this major maritime problem. They announced more hours at the port for unloading the vessels and loading the trucks with cargo. That did not work. They added more barge services. That did not work. Their biggest solution was to alleviate congestion at the Port of Virginia by re-opening an old terminal. However, this did not work. This move added more traffic and frustration. This re-opened old terminal had outdated equipment and could not sufficiently handle the traffic.

The results of the congestion at the Port of Virginia include half the production yield and an extremely long line of trucks waiting the entire day for a single container. Meanwhile, the Port of Virginia has a plan to prevent some early arrivals of exports to lower congestion. This congestion could hurt the ocean freight shipping possibilities for many small companies. Speak to your freight forwarder to see what can be done about getting your container from the Port of Virginia.

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