Congestion Gets Worse at Major East Coast Port

urlIt is not uncommon to witness congestion at the Port of New York-New Jersey. In the past, weather events like snow and hurricanes were the root cause of the biggest delays at the port. Today, the big cause for the congestion stems with the West Coast port congestion. Many shipping carriers re-routed their vessels to East Coast Ports like New York-New Jersey. Many East Coast Ports, such as the Port of Virginia, are seeing record numbers of congestion. As the Journal of Commerce reports, this could be among the worst congestion witnessed at these ports.

It seems that trucks are waiting several hours at multiple terminals at New York-New Jersey. This has been going on for weeks, and the lines are reported to be several miles long. The big reason for this massive congestion is with the larger vessels, including one vessel with 10,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) dropping off thousands of containers per port call. With an influx of so many containers, the terminals lack sufficient storage.

As a result of the congestion, the trucks are waiting for a very long time at the port. This forces the trucking companies to lose money, by waiting for too long, and the terminals also get slapped with detention charges. All of these added expenses are going to increase ocean freight shipping rates. And many trucking leaders are blaming maritime shipping alliances for these delays at the port.

To ease congestion at the New York-New Jersey port, pick-up times are being extended to the weekends, and the ports hopes to acquire a wider range of chassis. Shippers, concerned about the delays, should speak to their reliable freight forwarder.

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