Congestion Reaches the Port of Oakland

url-1Most people are familiar with the congestion of ships at the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles during December 2014. While there is some debate over the exact cause of the congestion, some people say the attributes could be the missing trailers at the port or negotiations with dockworkers. With a backlog of ships at these two Southern California ports, many ocean vessels decided to dock in the Northern part of California as the Port of Oakland. As a result, there is a massive congestion at the Port of Oakland that is clogging San Francisco Bay with an abundance of vessels. This is not good for those who ship ocean freight to the US West Coast.

How bad is the congestion at the Port of Oakland? Numerous vessels could not even anchor in. The line of vessels waiting to dock continued into San Francisco Bay. As a result of their delay, the trucks at the port were also delayed. The trucks are clogged at the port as well. This congestion is impacting imported shipments and exported shipments. The congestion, which began before Christmas, continued to be a problem into New Years Day. Some experts claim that this is the largest congestion at the Port of Oakland in more than a decade. Although other ports in California are also facing congestion, the Port of Oakland is not ideally suited to handle the larger vessels, with over 10,000 containers on board, like the other ports. There is also a scheduling issue to blame.

To decrease the congestion, the Port of Oakland recently added gate times to terminals. They are also talking with truck drivers. Many small businesses are saying that their cargo is being held “hostage” by this congestion. To avoid this congestion, shippers should speak to a trusted freight forwarder. The freight forwarder can provide an efficient shipping plan.

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