Congo Seeks Agribusiness Expansion

file0002056522494The Democratic Republic of the Congo needs help to boost their struggling economy. Their goal is to increase their agribusiness and their plan to achieve that is by leasing farmland to new companies that will move in and build their agricultural sector. The amount of land that the Congo is leasing is about 247,100 square miles, which together adds up to more than one-quarter of the country. The space is also larger than the entire nation of France.

The question remains: why did the Government of the Congo decide to lease the land rather than sell the land? They did this to avoid ownership problems. Other African nations like Zimbabwe are involved in a conflict over selling the land to investors and now there are land rights issues at stake. By leasing it, they are preventing a major catastrophe from occurring.

They are taking the leased land and developing 21 agribusiness parks. Each of the agribusiness parks will disperse food and jobs for marketing local farmers. Africom Commodities Pty. Ltd, a company from South Africa, is developing the first agribusiness park at Bukanga-Lonzo.

For businesses that manufacture heavy machines, these new agribusiness parks could mean new demand for agricultural equipment in Africa, including transplanters, plows, tractors and cultivators. These businesses that create the agricultural machines should speak to an experienced freight forwarder about the transportation involved for sending the machines to Africa. They will provide you with a heavy machinery shipping quote and a good plan to make the shipping process work for you.

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