Construction Equipment Market in Africa

construction equipmentThose construction manufacturers in the US who are looking for a great market to distribute their heavy machinery should look past the Atlantic Ocean to the great continent of Africa. There is a booming construction industry throughout Africa. Examples of the machines that are in high demand include concrete mixers, excavators and backhoes. And most experts project that the construction market in Africa could easily surpass $1 Billion in the next few years. By the end of the decade, other machines like loaders will dominate the market in Africa.

There are numerous reasons why construction equipment is so popular in Africa and why the market continues to see this success. Overall, the economy is Africa has been reaching new heights. Everyday, there are more investments made in Africa, particularly land investments. After all, the population is growing. Real estate is in high demand in Africa, especially in emerging nations like Kenya. Projects for irrigation and mining also require more equipment. The construction companies in Africa have a high demand for accessible machinery for rentals or purchasing. And this boom is helping other industries as well.

Those companies that create and distribute construction equipment should work with a trusted freight forwarder who has decades of experience in exporting machinery to Africa. They will give you a heavy machinery shipping quote and guide you through the process of shipping equipment via ocean container or as a Roll-On/Roll-Off shipment. The construction equipment market in Africa is growing everyday, and this is the perfect time to ship machines there.

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