Cross-Border Trucking

file000417094001Those supply chains that depend on cross-border trucking between the US and Mexico understand that the traffic for trucks at the border has become ridiculous in recent months. There is massive congestion and capacity issues that are adding up to increased expenses for carriers and shippers. Over 5 million trucks engage in cross-border shipping annually. Northbound trucking is where most of the congestion is. It is especially difficult during peak season for produce in the spring.

Freight forwarders are demanding action to fix the problems. The Journal of Commerce reports that the Department of Transportation approved a way for Mexican trucking companies to achieve US operating authority, with the ability to move beyond the US border zone. Companies can qualify if they meet US operating and safety standards. Although this will help lower the trucking rates and it could increase business for the cities closer to the border, it will not solve the long-term congestion problems at the border.

In order to alleviate the congestion problem for cross-border trucking, the US needs to be focused on faster processing times for trucks without sacrificing safety standards. One idea is to ensure better collaboration between US Customs and Border Protection and Mexican law enforcement to lower waiting times and streamline the process. In addition, more data must be tracked and collected to determine how long it really takes a truck to cross the border and all of the occurrences for that truck in transit. Hopefully, some new solutions can be reached so that the cross-border issues are resolved soon.

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