Customer Service Trumps Instant Rates

file000713262678The latest trend in the freight shipping industry involves the idea that all of the concerns in shipping can be solved by receiving an instant freight quote online. This is completely false. While shippers are always looking for a great freight shipping rate, the truth is that just because a shipper receives a rate for their shipment faster, does not necessarily mean that the rate will fit better into that shipper’s budget or supply chain plan.

Perhaps, instead of focusing on quicker rates, there is another element that shippers should expect when speaking to a logistics provider. That important element is customer service. The dictionary tells us that customer service is the assistance provided by a company to the people who use their services. This should be the foundation of the process for receiving a quote.

Shippers generally want more than just a quote. They want the peace of mind to know that their shipment is safe and will be delivered on time as promised. That is why so many shippers trust a freight forwarder who is safe and trustworthy. And in turn, these freight forwarders have higher retention rates.

The foundation of requesting for a shipping quote should be the relationship between the shipper and their freight forwarder. If the freight forwarder is trustworthy and has a strong reputation in the shipping industry, then the shipper will want to work with them. That is why the industry should get over the notion on instant pricing and focus more on developing great relationships with the businesses that depend on freight shipping.

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