Difficulty for Italian Food Exporters

14169448605da92The food industry comprises about 14% of Italy’s economy, and now it seems that this sector is going to be impacted by the economic recession in Italy. There are immense problems with food makers in Italy who want to sell their product domestically. Shoppers are being stingy and only visiting discount stores for food. Meanwhile, supermarkets in Italy are demanding more margins from their food suppliers. Selling only in Italy is no longer a suitable option for these companies.

The good news is that there is a great demand for Italian delicacies to be sold abroad through international shipping. The bad news is that Italian food companies find it very difficult to export their products. Only 12% of Italian food companies sell their products internationally. Even Germany’s exports are double as Italy’s exports. Many Italian food makers are intimidated by the process including: dealing with refrigerated shipping, getting an ocean freight quote, dealing with health laws and profit sharing with greedy importers. For example, an Italian winery recently tried to sell their products in the US. However, importers’ margins cut into the sales.

The Wall Street Journal reports of Eli Prosciutti, a prosciutto maker from Italy, who sold about 15% of their products to Russia in 2013. Recent sanctions with Russia ended those plans. Since then, their company has done well with a specialty market in New York City. For Italian food companies to ship abroad, they should work with a trusted freight forwarder who can provide great maritime shipping rates and expertise that will guide them to long-term success.

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