Drone Delivery System for Freight

dronesRecently, Google announced Project Wing, their attempt to create a drone delivery system for shipping items. Drone delivery for shipping is nothing new. Amazon famously announced their experiments with drone delivery in 2013. Of course, drone delivery of packages is a long way off in the United States. The two reasons for this stems from the technology still being in the testing stages and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) setting strict limits for commercial companies in regards to drones. That is why Google tested their drone technology outside of the United States, in Australia during August.

Assume that companies would someday in the United States be allowed to transport items via a drone delivery system. This could revolutionize the airfreight delivery system that we all know. And it could change the supply chains for numerous companies. Freight forwarders are certainly keeping an eye on drone delivery systems. The Marines used drones to move cargo throughout Afghanistan. And maybe drone technology can help make the shipping process safer by monitoring ships in the sea and keeping an eye out for threats like pirates.

Embracing technology has been the norm in the freight industry. For example, some ocean vessels have fewer crew members on board because of new technology. And technology, in addition to helping cut some costs, might make some shipping aspects faster. But faster does not always mean better. Just because someone can offer you a shipping freight rate faster due to technology, does not always mean that the rate is better for you. When you hear about new technology in the shipping industry, consider what the technology is and take the news with some consideration that faster is not always the better option.

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