Famous Truck Drivers

TruckDriverMost people recognize Roy Williams as the former Pro Bowl NFL wide receiver with the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears. However, since his retirement, Williams now enjoys a new career in the cargo shipping industry. Williams owns a new trucking company called RDUB Trucking. His company owns 14 vehicles on the road. The main freight commodity that his company ships includes water and other goods. Williams says that he enjoys retirement and his new career in trucking.

This is not the first time that someone famous has been involved in the trucking industry. Many famous celebrities were at one point employed as a truck driver. For example, before becoming a major screen actor, Liam Neeson worked as a truck driver and forklift operator. Other famous movie stars who were employed as truck drivers include Sean Connery (who became known later as James Bond in the movies), Viggo Mortensen, comedian Chevy Chase, film legend Rock Hudson and Academy-Award winning director James Cameron (known for movies like Titanic and Avatar). And even Elvis was a truck driver before he became a legendary musician.

Unlike Roy Williams, most of these celebrities worked in trucking before they became famous. It really makes you think that your truck driver, freight forwarder or dispatcher could someday be famous. Perhaps the next time you receive a freight trucking quote and your freight gets ready for departure, you might take an extra look at your truck driver. After all, they could be famous someday for something else beyond shipping.

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