Freight Trucking in 2015

truckAtlanta hosted the 2015 SMC3 JumpStart conference featuring the leading shippers, carriers, logistics providers and technology providers in the US. The goal of the conference was to discuss the upcoming year regarding the role of trucking freight in the US. The information provided at the 2015 SMC3 JumpStart conference can be very vital for determining how to plan a supply chain in 2015.

Among the predictions that were discussed at the conference involved the cost of shipping. It was predicted that trucking rates were going to increase by a percentage of a few single digits in 2015. This increase for rates has been the shipping industry norm for several years. The rate increase will impact truckloads and probably LTL (less than truckloads). There are many reasons for the rate increase for trucking, including capacity issues, fewer truck drivers, new transportation laws and a lack of equipment for some companies.

The 2015 SMC3 JumpStart conference also featured a discussion about the impact of the economy on trucking in the US. The economy is expected to grow in 2015, which is good for demand. Gross Domestic Product will also grow in 2015. Industries, such as food and retail, will be depending on a strong trucking presence in 2015 to get in on the demand. That is why planning now with a freight forwarder is very important.

The trucking industry also experienced great growth in 2014. Trucking tonnage increased by 5.2% year over year. And the cheaper fuel rates have lowered expenses for trucking companies. Thus, by looking at all of these predictions for 2015, a company can be prepared to handle the transportation outlook for the year.

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