Heavy Machinery Fuels Milwaukee Trade

jonesislandaerial2012For many years, manufacturers near Milwaukee wishing to export their goods would run into a problem. It seems that it became very costly for many shippers to export out of this port. It in order to make it affordable for shippers, they had to only export if their loads were large enough to make it financially worth it. And they would need to hire a charter ship to do their exporting.

It seems that the times are changing at the Port of Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Business Journal is reporting of a Dutch shipping carrier, Spliethoff, taking a leap of faith and announcing that they will offer monthly shipping services from the Port of Milwaukee. This is the first international monthly export from this port in two decades. The destination for the cargo will be to Antwerp. The voyage will take up to three weeks. There could be as many as two ships monthly from the Port of Milwaukee.

Spliethoff plans to conduct the shipping through smaller load minimums with a service that is already working with the Port of Cleveland.

The reason why Spliethoff is offering this service to the Port of Milwaukee is because of the heavy machinery shipping demand. There are many construction equipment shipping manufacturers in the area, and this service will help them. Milwaukee’s proximity to the Midwest rails is another reason this new service will become a reality.

Speak to your trusted freight forwarder to learn more information about this and to sign your company up.

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