Heavy Machinery: Live Auctions vs. Online Auctions

file4291318553269If you are looking to purchase used construction equipment, you might look at going to an auction. Live auctions were the main source of used heavy machinery acquisition for decades. Today, there are online auctions for buyers to get used excavators, bulldozers, agricultural equipment and more. Between the live auctions and the online auctions, you have to decide what is the best option for you. It is vital to examine the pros and the cons of live auctions and online auctions.

With a live auction, you get to inspect the equipment in-person. In addition, you get to ask questions face-to-face with the experts before the auction begins. This helps the buyers get the best quality possible. The problems with a live auction all deal with the costs, which are usually higher due to the expenses for putting on a live auction event. And buyers would also have to pay for the travel expenses for attending a live auction.

Online auctions provide easy service in a simple way. Buyers can compete in an online auction directly from their home or office. They can also do it on their mobile devices. The transaction costs are usually lower. The problem is that the bidders can only see the machines in photographs or videos (which might only be pre-recorded). Thus, there could be quality issues.

Whether you go with a live auction or an online auction, you need to consider how you are going to transport your equipment: by truck or by international shipping. The good news is that you can work with a freight forwarder who has vast experience transporting machines. They can provide you with a heavy machinery shipping quote.

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