Heavy Machinery Saves Seaway System

cleveland to europeThe Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway System, which connects shipping vessels from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, is enjoying a record year. They recently announced a 3% annual increase in shipping traffic. This increase includes their new record of 20 million metric tons of cargo. Shipping companies and freight forwarders everywhere are rejoicing in their success and hope that the success continues.

The interesting detail about the success that the Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway System received in 2014 is that year did not start off well. Bad weather plagued this Seaway System during the early months of 2014. It certainly looked like that this would be a horrible year for this Seaway.

Then an amazing thing occurred. The Port of Cleveland featured a new vessel in the spring. This would be an express Cleveland to Europe vessel that goes to directly to and from Europe. The vessel allowed shippers to save from vast shipping expenses, experience a shorter transit time and receive Through Bills of Lading in many European nations.

Heavy machinery and construction equipment were the main commodities on this vessel. This was great news for those companies that ship heavy machinery to Europe. In a way, the construction industry saved this shipping route and saved the Seaway. The express ship between Cleveland and Europe also transported vehicles and they provided Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO-RO) shipping services. Hopefully, construction equipment shipments will continue to fuel the success of the Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway System for many years to come.

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