How the Importer Security Filing works

file3951258242188After receiving an ocean freight quote, the shipper then arranges the shipment of their goods with the freight forwarder. Before the cargo can leave the country of origin and depart to the US, there is one final step. There must be an Importer Security Filing with US Customs. Essentially, the Importer Security Filing includes cargo information that must be sent to US Customs a minimum of 24 hours before the freight goes onto the vessel to the US. This requirement has been staple in international shipping for 5 years now. It can be filed electronically. In case an importer fails to file this paperwork on time, then they could be fined up to $5,000, plus there could be increased shipping inspections and cargo delays. Thus, it is very important to get this Importer Security Filing. It exists to ensure the safety and security in the US maritime industry.

The Importer Security Filing is also known as the 10+2 because of the requirements. 10 details must be provided from the importer and the carrier must supply 2 details. The 10 details that the importer must give includes the name and address for the manufacturer, seller, buyer, consolidator, where the container was stuffed, the foreign trade zone ID number, the country of origin, the consignee number and the commodity harmonized system number. In turn, the carrier must give the vessel stow plan ad container status messages. Once all of the requirements are completed, then the cargo is ready to be transported to the US.

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