Impact of Machinery Shipping Volumes

construction equipmentConstruction equipment might seem like a small part of the overall shipping industry, especially since there are endless commodities trades internationally. But construction equipment can be special. In a way, the flow of construction equipment that is transported can sometimes be an indicator for how the ocean freight shipping industry is doing. After all, the more heavy machinery that is moved usually means there is more construction work, which is good for the economy.

The Puget Sound, in Washington and gateway to the Port of Seattle and the Port of Tacoma, recently announced some great news. Their container shipping volumes reached 3.4 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalents) last year. When you look at the commodities in the containers, it seems that heavy machinery shipping imports fueled their volumes. Thus, construction equipment played a big role in this news.

Just as heavy machinery increases can help with shipping volumes, decreases can hurt shipping volumes. It is reported that RO/RO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) shipping volumes to Turkey from the Ukraine declined by half. RO/RO vessels move vehicles and construction equipment. The reason for the decline is because of the Russian-Ukraine crisis. It seems that many carriers in the region are afraid to ship cargo because of the conflict and any financial roadblocks that might now exist.

Although construction machinery shipping is just a niche aspect, it seems that this sector plays an import part in dictating the direction of the ocean freight shipping industry. You should consult your trusted freight forwarder if you have any questions on shipping volumes.

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