Indonesia to Develop 24 Ocean Ports

urlThe gateway for economic success for a growing nation is through the sea. The exchange of goods through international trade is the key for economic stability and growth. However, in order for a nation to capture the most success from international trade, they need to have advanced ports for ocean freight shipping.

After a recent visit to Tianjin, China, the President of China, Joko Widodo, made a statement about this issue. Tianjin has benefited greatly from their growing port and President Widodo wants his nation of Indonesia to see similar success. That is why President Widodo announced plans to develop 24 seaports in Indonesia in the next 5 years.

The developments at the seaports in Indonesia include many modern upgrades to improve the capacity of shipping containers. They also want to add space for more feeder vessels, which move containers from the ports to terminals and then to the larger vessels for transit. The developments feature more repairs to the current ports of Tanjung Perak and Benoa. The renovations will make it easier to transport passengers and cargo by sea in Indonesia. The investments for the port projects are expected to begin in 2015. President Widodo hopes to entice private companies to invest, and possibly use Government funds. A big concern is supplying a nearby energy source for the ports, which can help lower the expenses.

When the 24 seaports in Indonesia are developed, shippers must be ready to get a piece of the action. Speak to a trusted freight forwarder who has great services for shipping to or from Indonesia.

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