International Bulldozer Shipping

bulldozerA bulldozer is a unique and important piece of construction equipment. Sometimes a person might say the word ‘bulldozer’ and mean any type of machine. However, a bulldozer is a specific machine. It is often described as a crawler or a continuous tracked machine that pushes materials, such as dirt or wood, with the use of large plate in the front known as a blade. There are actually numerous types of blades on a bulldozer including the shorter “S” blade or the larger “U” blade. There is also a claw, or a ripper, located on the back of the machine. The three largest manufacturers of bulldozers include Caterpillar (CAT), Komatsu and Case Construction Equipment.

There is also a unique procedure for international shipping of bulldozers. Usually with construction equipment, a shipper can receive a heavy machinery shipping quote, break the machine apart and use containers to transport their machine. The problem is that the max weight for a load inside of a container is about 45,000 pounds. And many bulldozers weigh more than twice that. Therefore, it is only advisable to use containers to ship a bulldozer if it is small and can be easily assembled together again after reaching the port.

A knowledgeable freight forwarder would recommend shipping a bulldozer through Ro/Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off services). While boarding a Ro/Ro vessel, it would be helpful if the blade could be removed and shipped along with the bulldozer. This would make the process a little bit easier for the crew on the ship.

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