International Motor Grader Shipping

Ac-Motor-Grader1Perhaps you previously spotted a grader at the construction site or a farm, or you a ready to ship one overseas. A grader, also called a motor grader, has been an integral piece of construction equipment for nearly 100 years. There are various tasks that a grader can do such as moving dirt, road completion, plowing snow, ripping plants and basic farming. Essentially, the grader can complete work that has been started by other heavy machinery. There is a large blade that is moveable and located in the middle between the axles. Some graders have another blade on the front. The blade can cover a large and low surface on the ground. There is a ripper in the back. The ripper, also known as a rake or scarifier, handles the moving of dirt or plants.

The process for international shipping of a grader begins by contacting an experienced freight forwarder. The freight forwarder will give you a heavy machinery shipping quote and sound advice. For example, they might offer a suggestion that depending on the size of the grader, it might be wise to avoid Ro/Ro (Roll-On/Roll-Off) vessels and stick entirely to container shipping to achieve cost-savings. However, since most graders are too big to fit entirely in one 40-foot container, a shipper might have to dismantle the ripper, the blade and the cab before shipping. There are two factors to help determine if dismantling the grader before shipping is right for you. First, the consignee must be able to assemble the grader when it arrives at the port of destination. Second, you must also consider the origin of the grader because domestic trucking expenses can cut into any savings. Once your transportation plan is set, you are ready to continue with the shipping process of your motor grader.

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