International Shipping of Bourbon

bourbonA major homemade US product is claiming increased sales due to international shipping. That product is bourbon.

It was recently reported that Kentucky bourbon production reaches its highest point in decades. More and more Kentucky bourbon bottles are constantly being made. Last year, 1.2 million barrels of Kentucky bourbon were filled by the companies. Bourbon is a special type of drink that must be aged a minimum of two years in oak barrels. The best bourbons, however, are aged more than two years. Manufacturers are trying to keep up with what they believe is the demand.

Bourbon makers strongly believe that there will be a growing demand for Kentucky Bourbon from drinkers in China and other Far East nations. For many years, Kentucky Bourbon was primarily a US drink only. Now, thanks in part to shipping, it has become a major worldwide alcoholic beverage. The reason for the projected demand stems from last year’s sales. In 2013, there was a record high of over $1 Billion for exports of Tennessee whiskey and Kentucky bourbon.

Makers of bourbon need to get into the international market while the demand is there. Their competition is surely diving into the international market and they will need a top-notch transportation plan for shipping their bourbon overseas. It would be wise for bourbon makers to visit a freight forwarder. They can guide the maker through the shipping process, deliver a great freight plan with the carriers and provide ocean freight shipping rates. Hopefully, the bourbon demand continues to grow worldwide.

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