International Dump Truck Shipping

file8121276803761A common vehicle to see at any construction site is a dump truck. While other machines might seem more eye-catching, the dump truck plays a critical role in the construction process. The dump truck has an open-box bed that is used for transporting loose materials to and from the construction site. Some of materials transported via a dump truck include sand, dirt and rocks. The open-box bed can also lean back to remove the materials. With all of these loose materials in the open-box bed of the dump truck, it would be very wise for the company to protect the materials from inclement weather or from the materials accidentally falling out and hitting something. Therefore, a vinyl tarp is typically used to cover the open-box bed for protection purposes.

Beyond a standard dump truck, there are other kinds of dump trucks. There is a superdump truck that is bigger, a side dump truck that transfers the material from the side and a transfer dump truck.

Shipping the dump truck overseas requires some work. In other cases of heavy machinery shipping, it might be recommended to dismantle the pieces, ship in containers and reassemble after reaching the port of destination. However, most experienced freight forwarders might say that this is not necessary for a dump truck. Instead, Ro/Ro (Roll-On/Roll-Off) might be the best option for shipping of the dump truck. However, it should be noted, that it is advised to purchase insurance to protect the dump truck incase anything happens to it during the logistics process.

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