Is the Shipping Industry Embracing Technology?

1363265926h6vhiIt is clear that technology is playing a big role in the way shipping works today. Years ago, when you had to only call up people for a rate, there is now software to get an ocean freight shipping quote on your computer or mobile device. INTTRA Technology recently conducted a survey with shipping professionals. The goal of the survey was to see how these professionals felt about the usage of technology in the shipping industry. The results were indeed telling about an industry that wants to use technology, but is still not fully embracing it. Here are the results:

  • According to the results, the most pressing technology priority for those surveyed was to improve their supply chain visibility capabilities to integrate higher quality data.
  • Even though their priorities are right, the people surveyed understood the biggest technological challenge: the lack of standardization and hindering automation.
  • The biggest impression that came from the survey results was the understanding that the international cargo industry was not on the forefront of technology. Only 23% thought that the ocean freight industry was leading the way for technology. The others felt that the industry is lacking.
  • Because of the industry lacking behind in technology, about 90% plan to have some or a very urgent need to invest in new technologies.
  • While 71% of those surveyed used a mobile device for managing shipments, others had plenty of excuses not to use the device.
  • 48% of those surveyed, which is nearly half of the respondents, were freight forwarders. The rest of the people included carriers, shippers and more.
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