Lack of Parking Spots for Trucks

TruckDriverWith all of the attention in the trucking world over the lack of truck drivers, there is another shortage to worry about: parking for the trucks. The Wall Street Journal recently covered a story about this very issue. Most truck drivers agree that the current volume of parking spots is mostly unavailable. In addition to the lack of parking spot vacancies, the spots that are available might result in a parking lot that is too crowded and susceptible to truck damage. A majority of truck drivers say that that they find the parking lots full all too often. And many say that it could take an hour to find any parking spot. This added time results in added costs and higher trucking rates.

This lack of parking problem persists across all of the states. Overall, the spots per truck station near a highway can be incredibly low. When truck drivers cannot find ample parking, they turn to places that are illegal to park. The list of places included behind highway ramps or behind a store. These alternative places are unsafe and lack sufficient lighting. As a result, robberies can occur to these trucks. This is unfair to drivers who need to park and rest.

Trucking is the most popular transportation mode for moving freight. And there are new hours of service rules that say that truck drivers must rest more often. That is why freight forwarders support new initiatives to expand parking options for truck drivers. Possible solutions include more funding from the Federal Government or truck stations must provide more parking options that are legal for the truck drivers. Either way, something must be done soon to solve this parking problem.

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