Minimize Shipping Risks with NVOCCs

IMG_5794It may seem that the largest companies in the world have little need for a freight forwarder to handle their international shipments, especially if those large companies already have established contact and contracts with ocean carriers. It turns that this might not always be the case. Large companies are taking a tremendous risk if they choose not to work with a freight forwarder.

For example, a large company might be happy with the container-shipping rate that they receive from a carrier. However, what they fail to realize is that the economy will of course change over time, and that rate might not be worth the same value. The shipping markets in certain regions can be extremely volatile at times, and this will change the shipping experience. And if you only have one carrier, with no other options, then this experience will not be so pleasant because of the high risk involved. Frequently, carriers can deal with overcapacity issues which impact shipping schedules. There could be strikes that occur which might delay shipping. During certain times of the year, some ports see increased delays. A result of this includes surcharges. And if there are delays, then this changes the transit times.

The solution to these issues is with diversity. Freight forwarders who are also an NVOCC can provide that diversity. After all, freight forwarders have partnered with other carriers and can provide more options in case of problems. One of these options includes air freight shipping. Therefore, large companies wishing to minimize risk should work with a trusted freight forwarder.

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