New Chassis Improvements at West Coast Ports

urlThere were numerous causes for the massive freight congestion at the West Coast Ports. One issue was a labor dispute, but a recent settlement appears to have ended that. The Mayors for both Los Angeles and Long Beach pledged to eliminate port congestion. That means they need to turn their attention to the other cause of congestion: the shortage of chassis. In recent months it seems that many truckers were unable to locate sufficient chassis to move containers. This caused a backlog.

It seems that this chassis dilemma at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles might be coming to an end. Recently, the three largest providers of chassis at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach came to an agreement to ensure the efficiency of ocean freight shipping in this area. Their plan ensures improved availability and ease at the terminals for truck drivers to collect and drop-off chassis. In the past few months, truck drivers could only pick up and drop off the chassis at the same container terminals. This plan, called the gray chassis concept or the pool of pools, allows the chassis to be used at any of the 11 terminals that signed up for the plan. This should include about 80% of the 100,000 chassis used at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

The goal of this plan is to save time and lower expenses for the shipping process. If you have any questions regarding your container shipment at these ports, speak to your trusted freight forwarder. They will explain to you how the new chassis program might make a tremendous difference.

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