New Detroit-Windsor Bridge to Improve Shipping

urlWith trucking capacity increasing to new records, it seems that much needed relief for the roadways could be coming soon. One of the largest cross border points in the World, and the largest between the United States and Canada, is at the border at Detroit, Michigan. The Journal of Commerce is reporting that the US and Canada agreed to finance a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. The bridge will cost over $2 billion. The hope is that the new bridge will lower congestion at this busy border point for trucking, which in turn could lower freight trucking rates.

Since Detroit and Ontario is the largest cross border point between the US and Canada, there has been a lot of trucking congestion. Trucking at this point increased 1.4% last year. And over a quarter of all US-Canada truck shipments occurred at this crossing point. There is only on other bridge that connects Detroit to Canada, and it is very old.

The reason for the increase in shipping capacity is very obvious. There is a strong demand from the US for manufactured goods. That is why imports to the US from Canada continue to increase. In addition, the congestion at the West Coast ports is forcing cargo to be routed through Canada and into the US. Hopefully, this new bridge can lower the trucking congestion.

The new bridge between Detroit and Windsor will not be ready until 2020. If you are concerned about your shipments between the US and Canada, speak to a trusted freight forwarder.

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