New Duties for Paper?

urlThink of the paper you use on an average day. Computer paper, cards, notebooks and more – this is considered to be uncoated paper, which is to say that it is non-glossy paper. Five nations including China, Indonesia, Brazil, Portugal and Australia, have been focusing their attentions towards sending their uncoated paper to the US. After all, The Wall Street Journal reports that the US uncoated paper market currently stands at $4.5 billion. While the demand for this paper has stayed the same and US paper companies are not expanding, the imports of paper from those countries increased by 40% in the past year. While these foreign companies have found great ocean freight shipping rates to send their paper to the US, it seems that they might have an unfair advantage.

The rumor is that paper companies from those countries are possibly price dumping, which is selling their paper below the fair market value. In addition, these foreign companies might receive subsides to help them. Thus, they have an unfair advantage.

4 US paper companies, along with the United Steelworkers, just filed a complaint with the US Commerce Department. In the complaint, they request new duties for paper imports from those nations. In the past, the US Commerce Department has responded to price dumping by imposing new import duties. One possible consequence could be trade problems.

If you ship paper, then you need to speak to your trusted freight forwarder to find out how the new possible duties could impact your international shipping plans.

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