New Shipping Fees in Brazil

urlShipping to Brazil has always required great logistics knowledge and working with the right freight forwarder. The shipping expenses have always been costly in Brazil and a slow economy in that nation is adding to the financial problems that await shippers. It seems now there is another financial roadblock for shippers going to or from Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, which is the third largest port in that nation, will see new red tape and restrictions for container shipments. The result includes added expenses. It seems that port workers in Brazil will be adding a fee of approximately $330 for onboard inspections for all imports and exports. As expected, the fees will be passed onto the shipper in the form of higher ocean freight shipping rates. It is also expected that other Government agencies in Brazil, like health inspectors, will also monitor the incoming and outgoing cargo. All of these tidbits are reported from the Journal of Commerce, who also reports that the shipping agents in Brazil are not happy with the new laws.

Essentially, these new enforcements are based off of obscure laws passed two years ago. The basis of these laws’ creation was so that port workers would not steal cargo. It has been rumored that the motivation for the law is through political connections with the union members.

What impacts will that have on Brazil and those who wish to do business with Brazil? We might not know the true answer for several months, after port officials start to enforce the new law.

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