Ocean Shipping For Hydraulic Excavators

hydraulic excavatorIt is a common sight at a construction area to see a hydraulic excavator. These machines have existed for over 100 years and have been a staple in the heavy machinery industry ever since. In essence, the hydraulic excavator is a construction machine that is great for moving materials. The main feature of a hydraulic excavator is the arm, which is connected via a boom that moves the arm and a bucket that can remove materials. On the other side of the hydraulic excavator is the cab. This is where the machine operator sits and controls the vehicle. The cab can rotate around as well. The hydraulic excavator has many powerful and diverse uses, including digging, forestry, dredging, mining, landscaping, demolition and cutting steel. There are also different types of excavators for specific uses.

Shipping the hydraulic excavator depends on the freight forwarder that you are working with, but is very rarely transported entirely in a single ocean freight container. Most hydraulic excavators are very large and thus require RO/RO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) or LO/LO (Lift-On/Lift-Off) shipping services, depending on your logistics provider. The heavy machinery-shipping rate for using RO/RO services can be costly sometimes due to the volume that the hydraulic excavator takes up. Sometimes, it could be more cost-effective to remove the arm, including the boom and bucket, and ship that part in a container, with the rest of the machine transported on a RO/RO vessel. This option will only work if the importer who receives the hydraulic excavator has the knowledge to put the machine back together again.

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