Papal Visit Could Impact Port Congestion

urlThe Port of Manila is the largest maritime shipping port in the Philippines. Everyday, there are new vessels arriving with cargo to be delivered as imports into this island nation located in Southeast Asia. There are also containers leaving the port to be transported everyday. Currently, some of the most egregious port congestion in the entire world can be found at the Port of Manila. There are right now over a dozen vessels that are in line to be docked and numerous other vessels that are docked, but cannot leave until their cargo is released to a truck. However, many trucks are sitting in traffic. It is estimated that the Philippines have lost over $1 Billion because of this recent congestion.

It turns out the congestion in the Port of Manila could potentially get worse before it gets better. Pope Francis is visiting the Philippines from January 15th to January 19th. He will be in the area and is expected to draw a lot of attention from fans. As a result of all of the people in the area, and for security reasons, it is projected that the Pope’s visit to the Philippines could worsen the congestion at the Port of Manila. Currently, the Government of the Philippines is trying to fix the congestion. They are asking the shippers to pull their cargo out of the port immediately. Those shippers should speak to a trusted freight forwarder who can provide great ocean freight shipping rates and an alternative plan to avoid the massive port congestion.

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