Paperwork for Shipping Self-Propelled Vehicles

file0001845175736The rules for shipping self-propelled vehicles include all cars, construction equipment and agricultural machinery. These rules must be followed in order for your machine to board the vessel. Most of the rules deal with paperwork that is required from the shipper. Sometimes, a shipper believes that after they receive their heavy machinery shipping quote, all that they have to do is drop off their machine or vehicle and they are ready to go. This is not true. There are paperwork requirements that are very important to this maritime process.

In order to ship your self-propelled vehicle, you need to first get the dock receipt. However, there is paperwork that you must email or fax to your freight forwarder in order to get the dock receipt. The first document that you must supply is the Letter of Intent for the shipment. Then next thing you need is the Export Power of Attorney, an important legal document. Finally, you must also supply copies of the vehicle titles – the front and the back. Once you hand all of those documents in, the dock receipt is given to you.

However, there is also one other step that you must take before the delivery of your self-propelled vehicle at the port and that includes the copies of the original title. Every port has different requirements as to how many copies are needed, so make sure you find out first before delivering the vehicle to the port.

Finally, when it comes to the paperwork for shipping self-propelled vehicles, make sure that you only list one name as the consignee. It is never acceptable to list two names here. This rule applies for personal or business shipments.

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