Pick and Pack Fulfillment Centers

file0001722302881Fulfillment centers are the foundation for many successful supply chains in the US. The most important of which being the pick and pack fulfillment centers, which are also called the full service fulfillment centers. These are a typical staple for numerous businesses that engage in LTL freight shipping.

There are a few main stages of activity that can occur at a pick and pack fulfillment center. The first is the receiving stage, which involves a pallet of goods arriving at a warehouse from either a truck or train. The next stage is the pick stage, which involves the workers picking the items out of the pallet separately. During the pack stage, the items are packed individually in the box that will be sent to the customer. Finally, the newly packaged items are shipped out by truck to the destination. There is also another version of this process called Case Picking, which involved full cartons being sent out. Thanks to modern technology, shippers usually receive an email confirmation that says the items have been sent out.

There are a few considerations to review before making a decision regarding a pick and pack fulfillment center. Does the price include the packaging supplies for boxes? How does the fulfillment center handle returns or international shipping? How many square feet is the warehouse? How does the company handle damage issues to products? How much control does the shipper have?

Instead of a fulfillment company, your trusted freight forwarder might have the right connections to handle all of your warehousing needs.

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