Port of Philadelphia Set for Growth

urlThe Port of Philadelphia is situated on the US East Coast, in a hub where there are numerous other competitive ports in the region. In terms of overall tonnage, the Port of Philadelphia ranks about 25th overall in the entire US. Thus, they are looking to move up that list for tonnage. To do that, the Port of Philadelphia must invest in new services and niche commodities that will attract new business. They might have just found their answer.

The Journal of Commerce is reporting on the recent growth of reefer container shipments to the Port of Philadelphia. There have been over 23,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) of reefer cargo to the Port of Philadelphia this year. This represents an 18% increase. All of this is occurring, as other cargo growth at the port remains stagnant. That growth of reefer cargo is about to expand. The Port of Philadelphia just announced two more weekly services with Central and Latin America. It will occur onboard the South American Express Service, which always goes to the Port of Philadelphia. The main reefer commodity is fruit from the region. The service will send fruit between the Port of Philadelphia and nations like Cartagena and Colombia starting June 3.

In terms of reefer shipping volume, the Port of Philadelphia is the 5th largest port on the East Coast. And the East Coast is where most reefer volume goes through in the US. If you would like to get an ocean freight shipping rate for the new reefer services at the Port of Philadelphia, speak to your trusted freight forwarder.

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