Port of Santos

urlThe Port of Santos is located in the heart of Brazil. On paper, the Port of Santos is simply the 39th largest port in the World. While 38 other ports might be considered larger than the Port of Santos, they might not hold the importance of this seaport. The Port of Santos is also the largest and most active port in Latin America. Located at the Port of Santos are the most numerous terminals in the region. The Port of Santos can easily handle containers, break-bulk shipments and even RO/RO (Roll-On/Roll-Off). Nearby the Port of Santos, there is easy access to highways and railroads.

Because the Port of Santos is the largest port in Latin America, when something happens there, it impacts the entire region. Recently, a major fire broke out at a chemical and fuel storage facility located at a terminal at the Port of Santos. Many of the tanks were damaged. The fire has lasted for a minimum of 6 days and counting. Firefighters are working tirelessly to contain the fire, which has halted many ocean freight shipping operations at the port. Local authorities are blocking off trucks and vessels from the ports. As a result, ships are unable to refuel before departure. There have been slower deliveries and imports to the Port of Santos as a result of the fire. Soybeans, a major export commodity, won’t be impacted due to a large supply.

Many cargo shipments in Latin America could be impacted. Speak to your trusted freight forwarder to discuss options if your shipment is impacted.

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