Possible Gaza Seaport?

Gaza_Strip_map2.svgAs we watch the situation in the Middle East, regarding the Israelis and Palestinians, we all hope for peace. To halt the fighting, a cease-fire was recently established. As part of that cease-fire, there was a proposal for a study concerning the sea trade in Gaza. The New York Times recently reported of a possible port to be built in Gaza in an article. Such a port would have a profound impact on those wishing to ship ocean freight containers to the region. According to the article, the port would cost $100 Million and take 3 years to complete the building. The port would sustain 2,000 jobs. One plan includes 3 berths at the port, which would handle 2 million metric tons of cargo annually. Some plans also call for more berths at the port.

The concept of a port in Gaza has actually existed for years. It was originally part of the 1993 Oslo Accords. A European contractor tried to build a port there in 2000, before it was destroyed in the conflict. The port in Gaza has emerged as a demand from the Palestinians. Since it will take a few years to build a permanent port in Gaza, they might begin with a temporary port. Most Israelis are okay with this idea. There are some issues regarding the port. Some say the port will not assist with the immediate needs of individuals living in Gaza. And Israelis are greatly concerned that the port in Gaza could be used to bring in military weapons.

If you are interested in shipping to the Middle East, speak to a trusted and loyal freight forwarder. They will keep you updated on the situation regarding the possible port in Gaza.

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