Ro/Ro Shipping Leads New Record for Port of Baltimore

Revised individual pdfThere is a reason for the people at the Port of Baltimore to be celebrating now. It was just reported that in 2014, the Port of Baltimore set a new record for international freight shipping. It seems that 9.7 million tons of cargo were moved last year, a new record for the Port of Baltimore. Overall, the monetary value of the cargo, over $52 billion, was the 9th highest port value in the US.

While container shipping certainly contributed to this new record, it seems that the Port of Baltimore is having problems planning their container shipping. What really led the way for this new record is with Ro/Ro (Roll-On/Roll-Off) shipping. Specifically, the commodities used for Ro/Ro shipping at the port included construction equipment. Thus, there were many shippers who engaged in heavy machinery shipping. However, the top commodity at the Port of Baltimore includes automobiles. Nearly 800,000 automobiles were transported there in 2014, and that number could increase in 2015. For the 4th year in a row, the Port of Baltimore was the number one auto shipping port in the US. A big reason for the emergence of machines and automobiles at the Port of Baltimore is because of a new, and expensive, berth at the port designed for these types of shipments.

Shipping automobiles and construction equipment involves a bit of expertise. That is why a shipper should speak to a trusted freight forwarder who is experienced at shipping both construction equipment and automobiles. They will be able to give you a solid plan for shipping out of the Port of Baltimore.

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