Shipping An Auger with An Excavator

2-Inch-Auger-BitAn excavator is an important machine for the building process. While there are many different examples of construction equipment that are used for digging holes, including tractors, excavators are the top choice. With the right tools, an excavator can dig a hole 45-feet deep, including trenches.

To help with the digging and other tasks, there are many attachments that are added to the excavator. A popular attachment for digging is the auger. Essentially, this is a tool that has a larger bit used for digging holes in the ground or the foundation. Normally, the auger is in the shape of a helix. An auger is a special type of drill that can be used for numerous purposes when attached to an excavator. One of those purposes includes making room in the ground for pipes. Early versions of the auger were controlled manually. Modern versions are power operated. To clean the auger of dirt and mud, it should be spinning in reverse.

Moving an auger and excavator to another country through international shipping requires some knowledge that certain freight forwarders have. Typically, the excavator would be broken up and put into a container prior to shipping. This also includes removing the auger before shipping the equipment from the port. This process of breaking up the pieces might save money on a heavy machinery shipping quote. However, your company needs to know how to re-assembly the auger back onto the excavator after the transportation process, in order for this to work properly.

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