Shipping Animals Through JFK Airport Just Got Better

DSC_0101Vetport, an outdated facility used for shipping animals as cargo at John F Kennedy International Airport, closed over a year ago. This appeared to be troubling news for those who ship animals through airfreight shipping. But it seems that a replacement facility is coming to JFK Airport in 2016, and that should make these shippers extremely excited. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has agreed to terms with ARK Development LLC to create a new state-of-the-art animal facility at JFK airport. This agreement includes a lease for 30 years. This is also the world’s first privately owned animal center at an airport.

The new animal facility will feature enough space for animals like horses, cows, chicken, pets, exotic creatures and other animals to stay comfortably there. There will also be medical services and veterinarians there for the animals.

This new animal facility at JFK Airport has been talked about for many years, including three years of continuous negotiations between federal officials and private companies that will be subleasing the space. Cargo Building 18, which has been abandoned for nearly a decade, will be the location for the new animal facility.

For those supply chains that depend on animals or livestock freight, this presents a great opportunity. The new facility for animals could be one of the largest in the nation at an airport. That is why these companies should be planning now with a freight forwarder about using the facility before it fully opens to companies beginning in 2016.

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