Shipping Experts: Freight Forwarders

Hello_my_name_is_expert.svgLet’s face it: shippers have a lot on their plates. They are constantly working hard in every facet of their business to ensure their success, which takes up a lot of time. With shippers having to worry about so much, many shippers lack the appropriate time needed to care for the transportation needs of their supply chains. Specifically, the time needed to carefully analyze breaking shipping industry news. There are times when labor negotiations and port strikes will impact transportation. The capacity issue continues to change and hurt shipping. There are new laws, regulations and surcharges that spring up. And when the cost of fuel changes, freight shipping rates might also change.

With the prices and markets changing, many businesses cannot simply rely on a single carrier relationship. To navigate the stormy waters of shipping, it is best to trust a knowledgeable freight forwarder for your transportation needs. Most freight forwarders are also an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier), and have great expertise when it comes to container shipping. Most freight forwarders are positioned with unique relationships with numerous carriers, both international and domestic. They also have years of great experience. As a result, a freight forwarder can predict the impact of shipping events on your supply chain. In turn, they can suggest a unique shipping plan that fits your needs, is in budget and maximizes the efficiency for your supply chain.

Therefore, a business would be very wise to get extra assistance by working with a freight forwarder. After all, the shipping world will always change, but a freight forwarder will always be there for you.

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