Shipping Heavy Equipment & Passengers

urlTypically, when someone ships construction equipment overseas, they do not accompany their machine while it is in transit. Usually, they stay in communication with the freight forwarder, who will inform the shipper that their machine left the port at a certain time and arrived at their destination at another time.

SC Line, an ocean shipping carrier, specializes in R-O/R-O (Roll-On/Roll-Off) shipping, including heavy machinery shipping and automobile shipping. Their big destinations are throughout North and South America.

Recently, they announced a new feature for one of their biggest and fastest vessels, the Caroline Russ. The ship, which moves machines and autos from Port Everglades in Florida (one of the largest ports in the state) to Panama on a bi-weekly basis, will now also move another type of cargo: passengers. For the first time ever, those who are shipping machines with SC Line on this route, can accompany their shipments to Panama.

The cost for each passenger will be $900. A cabin and food is included in the special 5-day journey. This is a very unique opportunity that is very rare. Usually, a shipper cannot join their machines on their international journey. This offer now paves the way for shippers to have an option to be with their machines and ensure the safety of their machines during transit. This is a limited opportunity, with only a few cabins available on each journey, Interested parties, whether they have machines onboard or whether they just want to see how the maritime process works, should sign up sooner rather than later if they want to join.

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