Shipping Heavy Machinery with Tractor Trailers

140899176669to4Whether you are shipping heavy machinery to a domestic destination or an international destination, chances are that trucking was involved somewhere in the transportation process. Even if your destination is overseas for your construction equipment, it needs to be transported to and from the port. And even if you ship your equipment inside of a container, it might not be packaged until it reaches the terminal of the port. Thus, trucking is mostly involved in all movement of machines.

By trucking for machines, this refers to trailers. There are numerous types of trailers that have different sizes, shapes and dimensions. However, they all have to follow the same transportation rules. When shipping heavy machinery, these rules regarding the sizes of trailers are important to follow.

The combined length for a standard tractor-trailer is 48’ on the road. However, a stepdeck trailer includes 11’ of the 48’ as an upper deck. The same goes with a double drop trailer, with 12’ devoted to a deck. The maximum height for any vehicle on the road is 13’6” in the US. However, this includes the cargo and the trailer. The shorter the trailer, the taller your shipment can be. The taller the trailer, the shipment height must be shorter.

There are also numerous requirements for trailers in North America. For example, the maximum legal width is 8’6” and weight is 80,000 pounds with the trailer. A permit is required to exceed these amounts.

Transporting heavy machinery by trailer can sound complicated for newcomers. That is why speaking to a trusted freight forwarder can allow you to avoid headaches, save time and possibly money.

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