Shipping Machinery to Hawaii

1401682896xq4z2There is something glorious about the Marjorie C ship. Shipbuilding company VT Halter Marine, located in Mississippi, owns this shipping vessel. There are over 25,000 metric tons on this ship, making it the largest vessel owned by VT Halter Marine. The Marjorie can accommodate shipping requests for containers and for RO-RO (Roll/On-Roll/Off). This ship was built in the US and operated by a US crew during the transportation process. The vessel even uses advanced technologies to ensure the safety of the cargo on-board.

In spite of all of these feats, it seems that there is another accomplish that this massive ship is known for: moving vast amounts of construction equipment and cars to and from Hawaii. Gulf Live reported on the details. As a state isolated from the rest of the US, Hawaii depends on special shipping services. However, shipping services for heavy machinery sometimes gets overlooked. Specifically, the Marjorie C ships vehicles and heavy machinery between the US West Coast and Pasha, Hawaii (located near Honolulu). They offer this special service to the people and companies of Hawaii on a weekly basis. The Marjorie C contains enough space for 1,500 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) plus 2,750 vehicles, which is plenty of room for moving machinery to and from Hawaii.

It is great that this shipping service is available for Hawaii. There are plenty of new construction sites in Hawaii and machinery is often needed there. Speak to your trusted freight forwarder, who has experience in this type of shipping, about moving your construction equipment to Hawaii.

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