Shipping Pallet Dimensions

file0001325321224Whether your shipments are international or domestic, it is important to know more about shipping pallets. After all, most pallets can pack comfortably inside of an ocean freight container, an intermodal container or even on the back of a truck. Some people in the industry might refer to a shipping pallet as a skid, and it is the same thing. The most popular type of shipping pallets is made of wood, but some newer ones could be made by steel, plastic or other materials. Although the material of the pallet can be different, they all hold cargo and are moved around by a forklift.

When you receive a freight shipping quote, sometimes, for LTL shipping for example, you have to list the number of pallets. Therefore, it is important to know the dimensions for shipping pallets. Around the world, different regions feature different sizes for shipping pallets. North America features about a dozen pallets for freight shipping. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created a standard size for a shipping pallet for each region. In North America, the standard designated size is 40” x 48”, which came from the Grocery Manufacturers Association. If your pallets don’t make this size, you might want to speak to your freight forwarder to make the appropriate arrangement.

It is also important to examine the composition of your shipping pallet. A string pallet uses 2” x 4” wood around the sides and a block pallet uses wooden blocks. Beyond that, a two-way pallet has forklift openings on two sides and a four-way pallet offers the forklift opening on all four sides. By understanding these details, a shipper can comprehend everything they should know about shipping pallet dimensions.

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