Sinking Tugboat Transporting Machinery

file0001279186565Shipping construction equipment, while necessary, does occur with a certain degree of risk. With any commodity, the transportation process can be a treacherous experience. Cargo can get damaged or lost. And the men and women of the crew put their lives at risk when they are at sea or even at the port. There could even be danger for cargo transportation on a truck.

On the afternoon of March 18th 2015, off the coast in Canada, a tugboat was towing a barge. Several pieces of construction equipment were being transported on the barge. Suddenly, water began to rapidly fill the tugboat. The crew on the vessel made an important decision. They first cut the barge loose to prevent the heavy machinery from sinking. Then, the crew members abandoned the tugboat and safely swarm to the nearest shore. Soon, emergency professionals entered and treated the crew for mild hypothermia. Otherwise, the crew was fine. A second tugboat then entered the coast to pick-up the stranded barge with the construction equipment and finished the transit.

The looming question is of course: how this sinking occurred. Some may say that the construction equipment on the barge may have weighed down the entire tugging system to cause the flooding. However, the tugboat itself could have possibly failed to live up to the sufficient safety standards in Canada. For those shippers concerned about their heavy machinery on a barge, they should speak to their trusted freight forwarder, because the freight forwarder probably works with the best shipping services in the industry.

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